sustainable bio living


YEAR / 2018



SIZE / 19682M2





Salvage, always looking to reinvent itself by following the evolution of the company, has decided with Katrina Urbanik to develop a biophilic project focused smart and sustainable residential and materials that combines plants and advanced renewable energies. Ever since the call for entries, we have been passionate about combining our knowledge and expertise internationally to design this new sustainable biomimetics-inspired architectural residential prototype that we've called BIO Reshi.

The architectural design is inspired by Oyster and Reishi mushroom, so called unmistakeable mushrooms that provide immortality and protection against evil powers. Reishi is said to be a mushroom for the body and for the soul. The architectural REISHI setup with their innovative façade systems and smart digital platform, shows the natural resistance against 21centurys cancer; smog, bad air pollution, traffic noise, storms and unhealthy surroundings.

Mushroom mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms. When combined with agricultural waste and placed in the right growing environment, mycelium can be used to grow robust and durable materials. The process itself consumes waste and CO2 and results in a material that can be biodegraded at the end of its life. The samples are grown in two weeks by mixing oyster mushroom mycelium with a range of plant waste.


The exterior in BIO Reishi is fitted with solar photovoltaic panels and coated in titanium dioxide (TiO2). The PV system produces on-site electrical energy while the TiO2 coating works with ultraviolet radiation to interact with particulates in the air, break down organics and reduce air born pollutants and contaminants. This process is an intention to “absorb and recycle by photo-catalytic effect the cloud of harmful gases (Smog) from the intense traffic.” Those technologies together with wood strengthen the visual link with Nature: We created interior and exterior dynamic by widening the view of the beautiful landscape and by designing natural biotopes such as hanging gardens that vary with the seasons. The presence of sea water on the plot also enhances the experience of a place through sight, sound, and touch. We focused on thermal variability and renewal very much.


The goal was to make subtle changes in air temperature, humidity, drafts on the skin, and surface temperatures that mimic natural environments and connects this with enjoying the vivid and diffused Light. The vivid and diffused light allows us to play on different intensities and shadows that change over time to create the conditions that occur in nature.